Thomas Wunsch

Thomas Wunsch

Fine art photographer and lecturer /

German photographer Thomas Wunsch started working in the field of photography at age 17, when he moved to the USA and became a member of the Kodak Young Photographers League. When he opened a photo studio in Hamburg he devoted himself to fashion, still life and portrait photography. In Hamburg he also had his first two solo exhibitions.

After moving back to the USA, Thomas was working as a still photographer at a movie production company and started taking abstract fine art photographs in the year 2000. These photographs were exhibited at museums and in numerous galleries throughout the world. They were also published by the renowned German record company ECM as LP and CD covers.

Thomas Wunsch is curating photography exhibitions in Germany and he has been teaching “Creative Photography” at the Anglo-American University in Prague. He has also held lectures about photography in Germany, USA, China, and South Korea.

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