Geoff Reed

Geoff Reed Photography / Professor of Photography

Geoff Reed is a Phoenix, Arizona-based photographer providing corporate, editorial, travel & adventure photographs of people on location for business and consumer publications.

He has lived and traveled extensively in Asia, Europe, Africa and the United States and is an adjunct professor of commercial and portrait photography at the Maricopa Community Colleges in the Phoenix Metro area. In addition, he teaches International Study Abroad photography in Prague, Czech Republic. Geoff is a contributing member of the non-profit organization Through Each Others Eyes (TEOE), which coordinates photographic exchanges, educational programs and traveling exhibitions to help people around the world understand and appreciate diverse cultures through photography.

Geoff earned a BA in commercial photography from Brooks Institute (Santa Barbara, CA.) and a BA in geology from the University of Colorado (Boulder, CO.) Prior to that, he studied English and political science at Georgetown University (Washington D.C.).

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