Irina Nedyalkova

Irina Nedyalkova

Irina Nedyalkova Company / Photographer and Business Coach

Irina Nedyalkova being a professional photographer is the founder of ‘Dom skazok” (“Fairytale home” ) company/organization, and she is also a business coach in commercial photography. Irina holds photo sessions, workshops and master classes all around the world, she has participated in various photo exhibitions many times.

She has been working in commercial photography for more than 10 years, including 7 years of teaching. Being in Top-10 best Russian photographers on international site “DISFO” (children and family photography); Nedyalkova has shot all around the world – in Greece, Cyprus, Crete, Santorini, Rhodes, the Maldives, Bulgaria, Spain, the Dominican Republic, Israel, Brazil, China. She’s taken part in the international photo exhibition BICFP ROMA EXPO’14 in Ginko art gallery in Rome, the international photo exhibition “FamilienglueckimObjektiv” in Versmold, Germany, in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, BICFP TEL AVIV in Tel-Aviv, Israel and BICFP BEIJING EXPO’15 in Bejing, China.
There is a key principle that Irina bases on in her work – creating trustful and friendly atmosphere. This very moment helps to achieve best results. Many years’ experience in combination with accumulated knowledge gives birth to masterpieces valued and admired throughout the world.

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