Alluring Fine Art Photography from 2021 MIFA Winners

July 28, 2021

Fine Art has always been one of the favourite categories of our esteemed jury panel, because it allows the viewers a glimpse into the creativity of photographers around the world. To showcase them, have compiled some of the best fine art photography from 2021 MIFA winners.

The Magic of AstrophotographyLuca Fornaciari

A place that will probably never be truly discovered, space brings new shapes, colours and forms each time a photographer looks into their lens. The genre requires dedication and patience, since one image can take up to a week’s worth of shots – an aspect that makes these shots even more magical.

Habitat – Cas Sagbloom

A photographic essay of composite artworks, the series explores the fragile balance between humans and nature. Through the images, we see the thought process of the artist: the question is to find where exactly we fit into the ecological system. An interesting fact about each photo is that they are composed of 12 photos each.

Rumination – Zsófia Daragó

When we get obsessed with something, we often get stuck in a cycle – this image depicts that darkness that an obsession can cast upon us, restlessly bound to one place.

AmalgamationKaushik Dolui

The photographer, enchanted by the sea and the mountains, poured all creativity into placing the two scenes together to form a new whole.

Grandma – Salem McBunny

The photographer took their Grandma as a source of inspiration: taking materials and objects found at home, they created a magical story around her, posing her as a main character from a fairy tale.

Heavenly Bodies – Julia Sh

The mission of the artist: to show bodies that are usually not photographed and to place them into Fine Art settings: like they are framed and exhibited in a museum, evoking thoughts on geometry and forms from the viewer.

Maldives in Color.Evgenii Domanov

The Maldives, paradise on Earth, and so rich in colours – MIFA 2021 winner Evgenii Domanov wanted to immortalize these colours and scene of serenity.

Don Juan – Alexander Sviridov

Don Juan, famous for his conquests, is now depicted with a fitting image: his face, surrounded by nude women.

Reflections – Sara Victoria Sandberg

Creating dreamlike stories is one of the main goals of Sara Victoria Sandberg, juxtaposing the surreal with the real world to make us feel like we ourselves have been dropped into a deep dreamy state.

Birth – Sergey Savenko

Light painting can become so many things – a flower, a dress – the only boundary is the artist’s creativity. Birth explores this unpredictability and excitement that happens when the perfect photo is found.