Gold 2021 / Fine Art / Abstract

The Magic of Astrophotography

  • Photographer
    Luca Fornaciari
  • Agency / Studio
    Luca Fornaciari
  • Prizes
    Gold in Fine Art/Abstract

Astrophotography is a constantly evolving genre. It requires patience, dedication, an image can take up to a week of shots. But it allows us to explore the universe to places that we may never be able to reach. Wonders aren't just part of our planet. The cosmos hides panoramas just waiting to be photographed. Astrophotography is never considered in most competitions because it is considered "difficult to judge". Instead, every day it becomes an increasingly widespread form of photographic art. It is time to change and to explore the entire universe.

Italian Astrophotographer. Italian testimonial of the main astrophotography brands. I dedicate my work and my life to spreading the beauty of astronomical photography. Observe the night sky it is the way to live a humble and conscious life.