Meet The Professional Category Winners of Moscow International Foto Awards 2021

July 6, 2021

Once again, MIFA received a large number of entries from all over the world, demonstrating to us that creativity can flourish even during a world crisis. In both the professional and non-professional/ student fields, here are the category winners of Moscow International Foto Awards 2021.

Sothis Gin – Wesley Dombrecht / Mathilda Perrot

1st Place in Advertising (Professional)

Through this photograph series, the artist explores the aesthetics of gin. The French Sothis gin is made by monsieur Maxime Chapoutier from distilled grapes and wild plants that can be found in the Rhône Valley. The goal was to combine the herbs and other ingredients used along with the bottle to capture the spirit of the drink.

The Crumbling Beauty of Petersburg – Evgenii Domanov

1st Place in Architecture (Professional)

In an effort to immortalize old, crumbling buildings and new ones in St. Petersburg, the photographer explored the city to let us catch a glimpse of it.

Moments Reflected – Øyvind Hjelmen

1st Place in Book (Professional)

Mysterious stories wrapped in a beautiful photo book: Øyvind Hjelmen transports us into a monochrome reality that is more like a dream.

The Last Days of Stepanakert – Ricardo Garcia Vilanova

1st Place in Editorial (Professional)

For many decades, there has been an unresolved and bloody conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh. Stepanakert is the appointed capital of Republic of Artsakh, the state which wants to break away. The photo series shows us the last days of the city when it was under siege.

Tableaux Vivants – Alessia Santambrogio

1st Place in Events (Professional)

Exploring the relationship between light, colour and the bodies of the actors, Tableaux Vivants mesmerizes us with its vivid colours and the way it captures the life of the performance.

Anima – George Mayer

Photographer of the Year, 1st Place in Fine Art (Professional)

Based on discovering the female form and psyche, MIFA Photographer of the Year George Mayer conveys the ideas of Carl Gustav Jung, who gave the name “Anima” to feminine psychological qualities that men as well possess. In this creative shoot, red circle represents Mars.

Pollino: A Look Into the Past – Roksolyana Hilevych

1st Place in Nature (Professional)

Pines in the fairytale-like Pollino Park in Southern-Italy are hanging onto cliff and rocks, looking tormented by weather but still strong, like they are reaching their arms out.

Prozac – Arseniy Neskhodimov

1st Place in People (Professional)

The photographer allows us a glimpse into his fight with depression and its depths. Even when he was trying to run away from it to another country, he was followed by the black clouds. The photo series shows us how depression has to be understood better and treated, because it is an illness.

Giancarlo – Giampiero Marcocci

1st Place in Portfolio (Professional)

A heartbreaking story of an artist who has mental disease: it shuts him off from other people and society, making it hard for him to form meaningful relationships. As a result, his loneliness is imminent, he stand alone against the world and even through all of these hardships, he manages to create beautiful artwork.