1st Place 2021 / Nature

Pollino: A Look Into The Past

  • Photographer
    Roksolyana Hilevych
  • Agency / Studio
    Roksolyana Hilevych Photo
  • Prizes
    Gold in Nature/Trees, 1st place winner in Nature

The loricate pine in the Pollino park appear to those who look at them, clinging to the rocks, exposed to the rigors of winter, winds and bad weather that draw their contours in a unique way; almost as if they were moving arms pointing to the sky, legendary figures with tormented movements, offer scenarios that entice the visitor to interpret with their own creativity. Being in the midst of the loricate pines or "living fossils" is like a fairytale, it seems to go back in time. A place that is little known and unspoiled, however it deserves to be seen all over the world. Pollino NP