Mesmerizing Fine Art Photographs from MIFA 2020 Winners

February 18, 2021

Through vivid colours and mind-boggling mise-en-scènes, winners at the 2020 Moscow International Foto Awards showed us their immense creativity in the visual arts. These fascinating photographs lend us a glimpse into an alternate universe, the mind of the artist.

Road Between Seasons – Tomáš Neuwirth

This photo was taken in the Jeseníky Mountains in the Czech Republic – the freelance photographer captured the perfect change of colours and seasons between the two sections of forest.

The Agony of Love – Adrián Markis

An infinitely raw and emotional photo series, this winner of Gold in the Fine Arts / Nudes category demonstrates the despair that us humans often feel when it comes to relationships and love. In this particular instance, we see couples on the verge of separation.

Dream or Am I Awake? – Catia Mencacci

Through her mysterious, dream-like photography series, the artist takes us into the world of her own viewpoint, real and imagined.

Butterflies in the Stomach – Carlos Gamez De Francisco

Representing the concept of uncertainty of what power really is, or could be, the artist expands the meaning of power and constructing hope- the hope to be, the hope to succeed, and the hope of being remembered.

Gomerian – Norbert Hüttermann

Liberated only virtually, the animals depicted in the photos are, in reality, inhabitants of zoos and stables. Bringing awareness to the destruction of the natural habitat of these animals is the main goal of the photographer.

Regression – Richard Lingo

This photo was taken on Route 66 in Albuquerque, New Mexico as a haphazard moment, the artist was walking when he saw a new adobe office complex that was shining unusually in the light and decided to take a few shots.

Antiguas Estructuras Del Mar Menor – Mariano Belmar Torrecilla

A series of photos immersed in mystique, they depict buildings from an époque long lost on the Minor sea, a coastal saltwater lagoon in the Iberian Peninsula located south-east of the Autonomous Community of Murcia, Spain, near Cartagena.

Second Sex – Gita Montazer

Challenging the traditional ways genders are seen, the artist’s main aim with her photography series was to shed light as to how women are seen as the second sex. Restrictions, discrimination and violence against women have considerably reduced their social activities, making it harder for them to move forward in many areas of life.

Series – Derision – Jean-Claude Brise

To warp reality, we need to insert surreal object into spaces. It is a symbol of the nonsense and fake news that continuously flows to us. We can no longer manage this flow which overwhelms us to the point of eventually mixing everything up.

The Fight – Youssef Mellouki

A scene of two zebras fighting in the Etosha National Park in Namibia. Almost like a scene from Greek Mythology, only god know what arose as a conflict between the two zebras.