Bronze 2020 / Fine Art / Portrait

Second Sex

  • Photographer
    Gita Montazer
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Portrait

Women as social creatures are born and grown up in human society. But in those societies with certain traditions and patriarchal laws, they are accepted as “second sex”. Restrictions, discrimination and violence against women have considerably reduced their social activities. These issues have been proven not only to be a serious obstacle in their progress, but also they have made them more creative, which has turned them to lasting faces.

I am a photographer originally from Iran. I was born in Tehran. I have B.A. in Photography and graduated in 2002. I participated in some group exhibitions and have had a solo exhibition in Iran/Tehran. During these years I have managed to create my own style in subjects I have been concern about. I love portrait, landscape and travel photography and often use my imagination through Photoshop to create imaginary pictures.