From the Abyss of the Earth to the Empire of the Stars: Stunning Nature Photographs from 2020 MIFA

February 26, 2021

From carelessly playing horses captured in dream-like scenery to absolutely mesmerizing aerial pictures showing the perfect geometry of Earth, these stunning nature photographs from 2020 MIFA demonstrate why we have to protect every corner of our planet.

Kamchatka: to The Abyss of The Earth –  Isabella Tabacchi

The photographer travelled to the far end of Russia, to the Kamchatka peninsula. Her aim was to explore a scenery that is completely untouched by human infrastructure (except for some little villages and the town of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij.) To show an unknown and at times, dangerous territory was the objective, one that has been accomplished.
blue viper striking

The Blue Viper Strikes – Robin Yong

A sudden, striking photo taken at with the best timing possible, the beautiful, but deadly blue viper was just catching his prey.

Under the Tuscan Sky – Jan Šmíd

The second we leave the city and the extensive light pollution, it seems like we can uncover the secrets of the universe. The stars appear to the naked eye and can be caught on the lens – in this case, in Tuscany.

starry night with milky way

Jeux – Camille Briottet

Careless and free, we often do not see horses in such active play. These two Camargue stallions were enjoying the water in the French coast.

From The Series Natural – Angel – Marcin Giba

The Winner of Third Place in Nature / Aerial category at the Moscow International Foto Awards captured something that looks like an angel from above. To the viewer, it might seems like many things, but it reality, it is a sand mine.

Starry Sky – Shirley Wung

Recording the sky in certain locations, urban and a lake house, a busy road shows us just how omnipresent the sky above us and the stars are.

Iggy Chew – Stacy Cain

First Place Winner in the Non-Professional/ Student category at the 2020 Moscow International Foto Awards is a bright and joyful photo of an Italian Greyhound rescue doing what dogs do best: eat. Although the photographer tried to capture the dog as an elegant portrait, she soon realized that the pup would only stay in front of the camera if treats were involved. This is how the photo was born.

Northern Lights & Ice Cave – Patrik Hertzog

Capturing the aurora borealis from an entirely different perspective in the caves of the Vatnajokull glacier on the south coast in Iceland. The senior photo-journalist, Patrik Hertzog travels to remote areas to raise awareness of the challenges we face as a human race if climate change continues like it is.

A Morning in France – Peter Lik

This lavender field in France takes us to a magical land just in the moment when the morning light falls upon the fields.

My Family – Thomas Vijayan

The emperor penguin is the tallest and heaviest of all living penguin species and its natural habitat is the Antarctica. The male and female are similar in the way they look and their size. Their offspring grow rapidly in summer when the food at sea is plentiful. By December, the chicks are on their own.

Under a Starry Sky – Maurizio Casula

this panoramic image consists of 6 images of the land and 6 of the sky.The arc of the Milky Way follows perfectly the shapes of the terrain, resulting in a shot that reminds us of geometric shapes and forms.