Photographer of Year 2020 / Nature

Kamchatka: to The Abyss of The Earth

  • Photographer
    Isabella Tabacchi
  • Prizes
    Gold in Nature/Landscapes, 1st place winner in Nature

In summer 2019 I visited the Kamchatka peninsula, a land in the far east of Russia. My purpose was to discover a natural scenery that, except for some little towns and the city Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij, is totally made of pristine nature, forests and huge volcanoes. The nature of Kamchatka is still mostly unknown, it's really dangerous and it changes continuously, so I explored the peninsula with the help of two local guides. The thing that impressed me the most is the contrast between the colors of life and the shades of death, of the volcanoes.

Born in 1992, Isabella Tabacchi is a landscape photographer based in the north of Italy. Her photography and art are the result of her need to explore the natural places and capture these landscapes from her personal point of view. Isabella always looks for new ways to see the different environments like leading lines, elements in the foreground, natural frames. By the use of luminosity masks, in the editing phase of her work, she improves the mood, the essence and the emotions captured.