New Talent of the Year Award 2015 / Advertising (Non-Pro)

Flying Umbria

  • Prizes
    Gold in Advertising/Self-Promotion, 1st place winner in Advertising
  • Photographer
    Stefano Pasquini

I tried with these images to describe the spirit of freedom inspired by the beautiful landscapes of this region of Italy.

Stefano Pasquini was born in 1960, lives in Umbria between Foligno and Nocera Umbra and works in Rome as a company manager. Amateur photographer for over 40 years, he prefers landscape photography with particular reference to the Umbrian landscape. Some of his photos appeared on some of the main Italian newspapers (Repubblica, L'Espresso, il Messaggero, Friday of the Republic,) during advertising campaigns on the Umbrian and Sibillini Valleys and during a national advertising campaign organized by the LIPU .