Photographer of the Year Award 2015 / Nature


  • Photographer
    Andrea Bonavita
  • Prizes
    Gold in Nature/Aerial, 1st place winner in Nature

The men build borders to everything, earth, water, plantations. The men also put borders on his mind and that of others.

Enthusiast always images and flight for twenty years. Graphic artist and photographer by profession and passion, I deal mainly to document the wonders that surround us through aerial view of which I can enjoy flying with my motor paragliding. The passion for the photos was born a boy and one for aerial photos arrived around 2006, and since then I never go in flight without the camera. I attended a Master of journalistic photography with ph. Massimo Mastrorillo at the Academy of Photography John Kaverdash of Milan, a ph. Silvia Camporesi workshop on "Making art", and many, many others.