Moving Images of the Year Award 2014 / Moving Images


  • Prizes
    Gold in Moving images/Other, 1st place winner in Moving images
  • Photographer
    Beno Saradzic
  • Moving Link

'BEYOND' presents colourful poetry in motion. In 3 distinct movements, 'BEYOND' presents vistas of near-future tomorrows: Sparks of Inception, The Pulse of the Organism, From Here to Beyond. ‘Beyond’ relates the seemingly limitless power of human imagination to create and transform on a scale far beyond our own. It is a tall tale of inspiration, courage, determination, tenacity and perseverance through adversity. Shot at locations throughout Abu Dhabi and Dubai, ‘Beyond’s implicit story is about much more than the success of the UAE. What is unfolding in the UAE is a shining, symbolic example of the towering achievements of mankind as a whole.

Slovenian born Beno Saradzic is a multi-specialist visual artist with residence in Dubai, UAE. In professional circles, Beno is known as a filmmaker, producer, conceptual 3D Computer Graphics artist and a photographer. He attracted tremendous public attention in recent years through his virally shared time-lapse films, and is increasingly known as a fine art photographer who creates exceptionally envisioned visuals, executed with ambitious post production techniques.