Silver 2020 / Science / Other

Moonlight Above The Clouds

  • Photographer
    Christiaan Van Heijst
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prizes
    Silver in Science/Other

Flying high above the clouds at night in the cockpit of my 747, I look upon the world sliding by. Cities, oceans, continents all drift below my wings with a million stars above my head. Depending on her phase, I see the beautiful bright moon shining in the depths of space, a beacon in the night illuminating the world in a silver paint. And if you can't sleep at night; open the curtains and look up to those twinkling stars. You might even see a solitary silver bird up there, glimmering by the spell of moonlight.

Born and raised in The Netherlands in 1983, I was fascinated by natural light in all its forms since a young age. Now working as a pilot, flying all over the world, I always have my camera with me to immortalize the world around me, be it from the cockpit or at destinations that I am fortunate to visit. Capturing moments that have never been seen before and will never be seen again with eye for light, composition and mood.