Silver 2020 / Science / Environment

A Terrible Beauty

  • Photographer
    Stephen S T Bradley
  • Agency / Studio
    Stephen S T Bradley
  • Prizes
    Silver in Science/Environment

While there is stark contrast between the function of naturally made elements in the sky and those introduced by man, it is interesting how our instincts always look for beauty in what we see, using inbuilt survival instincts to allow sanity to prevail. My subject matter exists skyward and includes airliner vapour trails juxtaposed with naturally formed cloud formations, caught in an ethereal dance high above my home in Northern Ireland. Each image is created from a single shot, with adjustments only to exposure, contrast and saturation.

Specializing in photographing people (location or studio) and moving into film (commissioned as Director of Photography for a series on renowned photographers for BBC Worldwide). Working out of Dublin, Belfast and London. Experienced working on national advertising campaigns and annual report projects, for clients including BBDO, JWT, Coca Cola, Primerica, UPS, Randstad and Dunlop Sports, Stephen works for those who appreciate good creative in Belfast, London, and Dublin. Editorial work: Newsweek, LA Times, The Guardian, London Times, The Independent, Der Spiegel, Paris Match, The Economist