Bronze 2020 / People / Life Style

Night Train

  • Photographer
    Fabio Germinario
  • Prizes
    Bronze in People/Life Style

Night Train is a long-term project born in 2010 and still in progress. It is a novel made of short moments, of images that tell a generation at the turn of history,that of the "millennials". A journey inside those intermediate spaces,limbo between distant and opposite lives, which find affinity only in the darkness of the premises. Night Train tells the unvarnished reality, It shows ten years of changes without intellectual or sociological interpretations; the evolution of a society in the way of conceiving and living through the night,through clubs,music, sex and the relationship with excess.

Fabio Germinario is an independent photojournalist born in Rome in 1987. After finishing his studies in languages, he dedicates his life to travel where he discovers and deepens reportage photography, a journey that pushes his passion around the globe between nature and people; Throughout this period he developed a strong interest and empathy for the human being and his diversity, key to his current projects. In 2016 he attended a Master's degree that brought him closer to photojournalism. Currently in Italy engaged in work on social issues.