Bronze 2020 / Nature / Trees

Laurels Under The Milky Way

  • Photographer
    Jan Šmíd, Master Qep
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Nature/Trees

Fanal is a place of rare beauty in the middle of the Laurissilva Forest (Madeira). It became a very popular place to relax, hike, walking, enjoying the nature…to admire the magnificent species of forest Laurissilva as Tis (foetens Ocotea), Folhados (foetens Clethra), Laurel (Laurus azorica), Vinháticos (Persea indica). Some of these specimens are over 500 years old. Panorama compiled from total of 9 frames (6 stacked and averaged exposures of stars in two rows, 3 stacked and averaged landscape exposures in the third row; 2-level focus bracketing).

Czech landscape award-winning photographer based in Prague. Workshops, photo expeditions and Individual Photo School. Master QEP certificate. Carl Zeiss Ambassador.