Gold 2020 / Nature / Trees

Dead Vlei Trees

  • Prizes
    Gold in Nature/Trees
  • Company
    Mattie's Studio
  • Photographer
    Matilde Simas

Among the towering orange dunes of Namib-Naukluft National Park is an area known as Dead Vlei. In the Dead Vlei, you will find the tallest dunes in the world. The rich orange dunes that surround the area owe their hue to age, the sand has literally rusted. The blue sky, orange dunes, white pans, and scorched black trees create an alien landscape. The trees, now over 1000 years old, form a barren forest. As I gazed through my lens, the earth beneath me hummed. I captured each tree as if they were dancers preforming on a magnificent stage.

Born in 1973 to Portuguese immigrants, Matilde Simas is an American documentary photographer and founder of Capture Humanity based in the Greater Boston area. Her work focuses heavily on the beauty of the human spirit and aims to show the dignity of every subject. Matilde’s travels have brought her around the world, where she examines the theme of human rights and attempts to capture – with the utmost respect and admiration – the resilience of human beings.