Bronze 2020 / Nature / Pets

Unfree As A Bird

  • Photographer
    Kristin Schnell
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Nature/Pets

In 1840 the first wild budgies were shipped from Australia to Europe.Shortly thereafter the first breeds arrived and the first color mutations arose through mass propagation. The birds originally have a green-yellow color and live in flocks. The offsprings have many different colors, such as white, yellow and various shades of blue, just to name a few colors. The photos are reminiscent of old paintings, the beginnings of the first breeding in 1850. The generation after the originally free-living animals have become pets with a home in our living rooms and nothing remembers their origin.

I moved from the city of Berlin to the countryside on the Baltic Sea last year.I now have a large piece of land and with it I was able to fulfill my dream of a bird aviary to breed parakeets and budgies.I was admitted to "lensculture" in the masterclass 2019/2020 in last September, so I decided that I would work out my "bird project", find out why I need these birds for my life and also try to photograph my love for other people.Maybe even being able to show other people how carefully we should treat other life beings because they are a wonderful treasure on earth.