Bronze 2020 / Nature / Panoramic

Golden Glow

  • Photographer
    Stanley Aryanto
  • Agency / Studio
    The Wicked Hunt
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Nature/Panoramic

We hiked at 10 pm to get to the summit by around 2 am. We were shooting the starry skies with glow of the northern light. I was shooting right through the morning. as we were ready to start our descent, the sun peak out of the clouds and give this beautiful golden alpen glow on part of the 10 peaks. It was was stunning way to start the day.

I left my career as an engineer in April 2014 to pursue my passion in travel and photography. I've started a photography company called The Wicked Hunt. Since then I've spent 2 months driving through Java Island, Bali and Lombok, Indonesia. Then continued with 4 months trip around Australia. On the 16th of January I will start a new chapter in Canada. My mission is to travel the world, see different culture and background, capture the moment, then share and hopefully help to inspire other people to travel. I strongly believe that travel help to open people's mind and become more empathetic t