Silver 2020 / Nature / Panoramic

Green Shadow

  • Photographer
    Mauro Cirigliano
  • Agency / Studio
    Mauro Cirigliano Photography
  • Prizes
    Silver in Nature/Panoramic

Mount Vestrahorn, one of the most fascinating I have ever seen! Black as the lava sand that dominates the surrounding landscape, it seems to emerge from the bowels of the earth. The lagoon on which it rises and the sea a few steps away make this place mystical and spooky. I spent several nights here to appreciate one of the best moments, the night.When everything gets dark and the stars contrast with the black of the sky, the show is emphasized by the northern lights! It is impossible not to be enchanted in front of one of the most beautiful spectacles of nature.

I am mauro and I was born in Naples (Italy) in 1989. I am a simple and friendly person who has always been passionate about photography. I still remember the many disposable items that I used to buy as a child to take whatever I liked. With technological development I have always looked with great interest at every electronic device that had particular photographic performances until, finally, I decided to buy my first reflex. 143/5000 Following this direction with passion, today I can say that I found what excites me most, the landscape and night photography!