Silver 2020 / Science / Environment (Non-Pro)

Unhealthy Markets In China and Covid-19

  • Photographer
    Katy Gomez Catalina
  • Agency / Studio
    Katy Gomez Catalina
  • Prizes
    Silver in Science/Environment

These images have been taken in the Yuegang wet market, just 200 km from the Wuhan market, origin of the current pandemic by Covid-19 Wet markets refer to the fact that many animals sold are slaughtered on site. In an extremely congested and closed space, hundreds of people crowd every morning, cages full of domestic and wild animals, blood, excreta, guts and body fluids mix together in deplorable hygienic conditions. Aside from total disregard for animal welfare, these markets have all the ingredients to create the perfect environment for viral transmission.

Born in Ubeda, Spain and doctorate in Veterinary medicine. Photography is part of my conception of enjoyment and I live it passionately. Mainly it is a photograph framed in the photo essay. I look at the world, not only to testify what I see, but mainly, to express a personal perspective, a point of view, an interpretation and not just a representation. My subjects are very varied being travel photography a common link in all my work.