Silver 2020 / Science / Medicine (Non-Pro)

Blood, Cells & Neurons

  • Prizes
    Silver in Science/Medicine
  • Company
    Yas Crawford Photography
  • Photographer
    Yas Crawford

'Blood, Cells & Neurons' examines Post-Exertional Malaise or PEM as it is more familiarly called. It is the extreme exhaustion, pain, cognitive networks and deficits that present after exertion in M.E patients with an extremely slow return to baseline. The return could be as long as one day, weeks or months. The mapped landscape revealed in the images acts as a vessel to transport the science in a certain time, creating a safe place for the viewer to absorb the information.The abstraction removes the onerous requirement of controls and variables leaving space for subjective expression.

Through an exploration of perspective, complexities, and scientific multidisciplinary collaborations, I create imagery that explains, reveals and connects us consciously to the ambiguous and unknown. I have a multidisciplinary background and work as both a scientist and a photographic artist which adds a cohesiveness and curiosity to my image-making. I was born in Wales where both the arts and the geological landscape have it seems, subliminally seeped into my being and heavily influence my work.