Bronze 2020 / Science / Medicine (Non-Pro)


  • Photographer
    Giuseppe Gambino
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Science/Medicine

"Suddenly"is the story of Luna,at 9 years of age she found herself struggling with Epilepsy syndrome which suddenly fell,like fog,in her life and that of her family. Epilepsy comes from the Greek "epilambànein ":"To take over","to surprise","to grasp",but also"to be taken by surprise","to be overwhelmed". Among the most common neurological pathologies it has been declared a social disease by the World Health Organization. Epileptic crises for those without a specific education are scary. It is an ancient cultural problem, but still present and the only weapon to combat it is information.

My name is Peppe I was born in Palermo in 1979, in 2005 I find my means of expression in photography. I am interested in documentary photography and social reportage, at the center of my work is my land: the Sicily of which I love to describe the cultural crosses, with particular regard to the territory and the people living in the South.