Gold 2020 / Portfolio / Personal (Non-Pro)


  • Photographer
    Selina Bressan
  • Agency / Studio
    Selina Bressan
  • Prizes
    Gold in Portfolio/Personal

Boredom, "NOIA" in italian. For this project I took 20 guys beetween 6 and 15 years old and I left them alone for 20 minutes in a dark room only with the camera programmed to shoot at regular intervals 6 times, and I let them get bored doing nothing. Unfortunately today only technology capture their attention otherwise they don't know what to do and they're bored. I was so curious to see what they were able to do for spend the time. They were free to do everything they would: sleep, sing, gym, think, speak, bite their nails, or nothing!

I'm a person who "takes pictures" like millions of people in the world with passion and love. I started for fun by participating in a contest of a photography magazine. My photo was published in the magazine two months later and this gave me the impetus to seriously venture into this hobby. It is an adventure that has seen me grow and improve, thanks to dedicated courses, visits to exhibitions, reading books, trips to workshops with professionals in the sector. My photographic genre is oriented towards architectural photography, especially modern and minimal. But I'm polierdic!