Bronze 2020 / Portfolio / Fine Art (Non-Pro)

Small Story of A Magic Flower

  • Photographer
    Selina Bressan
  • Agency / Studio
    Selina Bressan
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Portfolio/Fine Art

Once upon a time there were two clouds that loved each other so much, they were inseparable. But one day, it is not known how and why, they fell to earth. They fell into an immense flower garden, becoming themselves two beautiful flowers. But they wanted to dance in their sky and stay together. So they asked Aeolus for help and with a spell, he made it possible just for one night, to come to life and dance again. They were so happy and in love that Aeolus didn't separate them. So, at the end of the spell, he left them embraced and a wonderful new flower took place in the enchanted garden.

I'm a person who "takes pictures" like millions of people in the world with passion and love. I started for fun by participating in a contest of a photography magazine. My photo was published in the magazine two months later and this gave me the impetus to seriously venture into this hobby. It is an adventure that has seen me grow and improve, thanks to dedicated courses, visits to exhibitions, reading books, trips to workshops with professionals in the sector. My photographic genre is oriented towards architectural photography, especially modern and minimal. But I'm polierdic!