Bronze 2020 / Portfolio / Fine Art (Non-Pro)

The Unsustainable Lightness of Everyday Life

  • Photographer
    Salvatore Montemagno
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Portfolio/Fine Art

Daily life has two tremendously extreme aspects: the beauty and luck of those who have the opportunity to experience it and the frustration of those who are tired and would like to break the daily monotony. In this work I have tried to bring out both these two aspects. "A thousand years that I live behind this mosquito net, chained to gestures whose meaning I no longer remember. Cutlery on the bottom of a silent sea ………. I float ... linked to words that I have never uttered …… .. agitated, gently, from the habit of living. "

Born in Sicily on 01/04/1962, I live in Montichiari (BS). I have been taking photographs for a very long time, but I have only been taking "my" photographs for a few years. A key event was the encounter with digital. Photography for me is the externalization of inner images: I have no claim, no intention, much less the desire to document reality. I love to interpret reality… trying to express artistically what otherwise would be inexpressible. I am self-taught