Bronze 2020 / People / Culture (Non-Pro)

Ethiopian Life

  • Photographer
    Jacopo Maria Della Valle
  • Prizes
    Bronze in People/Culture

The Omo Valley, in Ethiopia, is like nowhere on earth: it presents an extraordinary concentration of different ethnic groups in a very restricted territory. Every village is populated by a particular ethnic tribe, absolutely different from the neighboring villages. I traveled along the Omo Valley's villages to meet most of these tribes and know their habits and traditions. My pictures would show a cross-section of these fascinating cultures, rich in history, characteristic traditions and customs so far from our lives.

I developed a great passion for travel photography since childhood and I traveled in the USA, along Cuba, throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. Fascinated by the ethnic culture, I always tried to get in touch with the local populations to know -and experience- their characteristic uses, customs and traditions. For this reason I embark on long journeys to discover different ethnic minorities, who live in tribes that are difficult to reach and still survive globalization. Among all pictures I prefer the portraits, which give me the chance to capture the history and the essence of people.