Bronze 2020 / People / Children (Non-Pro)

The Omo Children

  • Photographer
    Sarah Wouters
  • Prizes
    Bronze in People/Children

The photo series of children of Ethiopian tribes, the Suri who live on the south west of Ethiopia near South Sudan, the Karo who live along the Omo river and The Abore who live near Lake Bahir. These tribes live in the Omo valley far from the big city. They still keep their tradition of living but the children such as Ari tribe who live near the Big city like Jinca, south Ethiopia has change their living and adapt they culture to modern world such as clothes , house etc..

59 years old I am native thai, I am a travel photographer, I lived in the Netherlands more than 25 years and immigrate back to Thailand 6 years ago then I start practice photograph.