Silver 2020 / People / Children (Non-Pro)

Kids Coin Divers

  • Photographer
    Marygrace Montives
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prizes
    Silver in People/Children

The coin diver kids seem to fish in the water but instead of feeding them fish treats, they will wait for the boat and ask for the passengers to throw pennies. Compare to other kids who play in the playground reading books in the land surfaced area, these kids were trained to dive in the seaside for their leisure, playtime, and same time to dive coins for school allowance. Some of the coin diver kids are waiting in the large sea vessels docking station expecting a large number of pennies. These kids can breathe underneath longer than expected to make sure no coins will be left behind.

GraceM here, I am currently a Senior Creative Artist by profession. I love creating the vision into reality. I have done a few branding and website for companies from the past. I have created a few magazines layout from my previous clients. Currently based UAE specialist in my profession. My insights into graphic designs were applied to photography. I suddenly fell in love with photography. My life was colorful and function in designing helped me to understand the deep love of photography. These passions in life come from my personal experiences that completes me as an individual.