Gold 2020 / Nature / Trees (Non-Pro)

Trees Like Leaves

  • Photographer
    Dominika Koszowska
  • Prizes
    Gold in Nature/Trees

Around Dresden I noticed beautiful green trees against the background of rapeseed. They looked like small leaves from afar

A doctoral student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. A graduate of WSTI and ASP in Katowice. Master's degree realized at the Academy of Fine Arts in Photography Studio of dr hab. Piotr Muschalik, defended in 2017 with honors, it won the third prize in Poland in the Design32 competition for the best design diplomas of the Academy of Fine Arts, also considered one of the best by "Font font" in the photography category (2018).My works have been on over a dozen post-competition exhibitions in Poland and around the world.