Gold 2020 / Nature / Trees (Non-Pro)

The Galactic Cathedral

  • Photographer
    Massimiliano Pedi
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Landscape, Gold in Nature/Trees

The wonderful way at the foot of the Aspromonte National Park (ITALY) that connects the Hellenistic areas of "Bova", "Roghudi Vecchio" and the ghost ruins of "Casalnuovo" and "Africo Vecchio".

My name is Massimiliano Pedi, born in 1990 and I live in Reggio Calabria, ITALY. Starting in 2015, I took photography as my main passion, focusing mainly on long exposure landscape photography and 360° panoramas. I love to visit ancient villages and mountain areas, especially at night; I'm always looking for new spots to create unique compositions, often located in the most remote areas of Calabria, where far from the lights of the city, you can still admire a starry sky.