Silver 2020 / Nature / Pets (Non-Pro)

Microcosmic Portraits of The Little Earthlings

  • Photographer
    Irina Petrova
  • Prizes
    Silver in Nature/Pets, Silver in Science/Other

A series of macro portraits of insects taken with two retro manual focus lenses, which were made in 1982, connected by a filter ring adapter. Each image was obtained by focus stacking a tens or hundreds of shots. The purpose of this project is to show usual insects from unusual angles. That is why all insects were collected within the territory of the South Urals, where it would seem there are no exotic, bright species such as, for example, in Southeast Asia or Africa.

Irina Petrova Adamatzky is an internationally published and award winning photographer and artist. She specializes in wild life micro-photography and science fiction inspired installations organically integrating living and artificial entities. A unique feature of her work is she only uses retro manual focus lenses to share the wonders of the world. She has won a substantial number of awards and prizes, including 3 recent awards in BIFA 2020 and BIFA 2021, winner of FEP Awards 2021 Nature Golden Camera and ND Discovery of the Year in category Nature 2019.