Bronze 2020 / Nature / Landscapes (Non-Pro)


  • Photographer
    Jason Robert Jones
  • Agency / Studio
    Jason Robert Jones
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Nature/Landscapes

The summer sun has sunk below the horizon creating a wash of soft light that ripples over the surface of Lake Michigan. A small sapling clings to the rocky bed below the surface holding on for dear life. Against all odds it has staked its claim on life here in the great lake, proving to the world that its a survivor.

Beneath a thin envelop of atmosphere wedged between molten rock and the cosmos the cycle of life turns in perpetual motion consistent with the rotation of the planet. A silver crescent moon hangs over the reticent solitude of the dunes below as night succumbs gradually to morning’s sonata. Dawn breaks casting a golden veil of light over the rippling sands washing the landscape of her pensive Nocturne. Here I find myself fully present awake and in tune with the universe striving to compose this immense feeling into a single frame an arrangement known as the photograph.