Silver 2020 / Nature / Landscapes (Non-Pro)

Hintersee Sidelight

  • Photographer
    Kai Hornung
  • Agency / Studio
    Kai Hornung Photography
  • Prizes
    Silver in Nature/Landscapes

A wonderful moment at one of the most beautiful places in Germany: Hintersee, Bavaria. These fragile trees stand like kings on a rock inside this lake. A moment of beauty but also a reminder that all things pass. While photographs capture these moments to keep forever, the moments themselves pass and trees eventually fall.

Kai Hornung is a freelance landscape photographer living in Hanover, Germany. His images from different countries and places are best described as landscape photography art. His work has been published and awarded. He connects with his audience regularly through his Instagram where more than 75.000 people follow his images and behind the scenes of his frequent photo tours.