Gold 2020 / Fine Art / Special Effects (Non-Pro)

Walking Brutus

  • Photographer
    Daniel Castonguay
  • Agency / Studio
    Daniel Castonguay Studios
  • Prizes
    Gold in Fine Art/Special Effects

Elder walking the dog on a foggy morning.

My name is Daniel Castonguay, I’m a street photographer based in Montreal, Canada. I started photography in 1979. Living in a great city, I was naturally driven to street photography and depicting the quotidian life in its simplest form. When I started in this field of photography, I worked accordingly to the established standards of the style. At a certain point, I got bored of not being able to illustrate the mood of the “moment”. In order to give a more authentic touch to my work, audacious and challenging the rules, I began to process my imagery to make it a little more mysterious.