Silver 2020 / Fine Art / Portrait (Non-Pro)

Tongue of Flora

  • Photographer
    Seyhan Camgoz
  • Agency / Studio
    Seyhan Camgoz Photography
  • Prizes
    Silver in Fine Art/Portrait

Tongue of Flora Artist presents a series of photographs as sequences, as she does with spirituality. This method allows the images to retain their singularity as they merge into one entity, and to serve as potent metaphors for the role. "Tongue of Flora" stage sequence of images that suggests the eternal conflict between nature and nudity by photographing dead flowers and artist's self portraits. Equating the form of the body with its very fragility, she uses the flowers as an allusion to the body crisis, her own sensitivity and a continuum of loss. Importantly, flowers also suggests the po

Seyhan Camgoz is a Melbourne based photographer and creative artist, known for her storytelling approach. Equally interested in the moments and her works consists sequences to implement these moments on still photographs. "I am not interested in what something looks like, I am passionate about to explore what it feels like while photographing my subjects." Her work and style are influenced by many different aspects of historical art. She likes to look at pictures and all kinds of art forms from the history to inspire and create her compositions.