Gold 2020 / Fine Art / Nudes (Non-Pro)

The Wall

  • Photographer
    Luca Izzo
  • Prizes
    Gold in Fine Art/Nudes, Silver in Fine Art/Special Effects

This sculptural series is a new take on the limits we encounter daily, all along our lives. Indeed, human beings tend towards a constant evolution. They want to dominate and shape the reality around them. They try to reach beyond their physical and existential limits, never giving up, but eventually, they often find themselves trapped in a deterministic form of the human condition.

Born in 1977 in Sanremo. At thirty years old he moved to France, where he still lives and works. Attracted to different forms of art, through the years he has endeavoured to bring together some of the characteristics belonging to specific areas in his photographic experience. From 2012, in fact, he has undertaken a continuous experimentation that led him to realize images combined with the study of artistic structures of the twentieth century, and so influenced by cinema, painting and photography.