Bronze 2020 / Fine Art / Landscape (Non-Pro)


  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Landscape
  • Photographer
    Dominique Weiss

Rushing portrays the speed with which our competitive society is racing through their lives. In rush we are barely able to hear our surroundings. In rush we are barely able to see what is in front of us. In rush we are barely able to comprehend what our behaviour causes. Rushing not only blurrs our sight, but all of our senses. We are numbly rushing into an unknown future...For this series Dominique travelled across Switzerland portaying dramatic landscape scenes to encourage people to see beyond their accelerated every day life routines.Is it time to hit the breakes?

Dominique is an amateur photographer, highly passionate about dramatic alpine landscapes. She is located in central Switzerland and mostly photographs the Swiss and other European alps regions. She spends all of her free time hunting for "The Moment" portraiying the beauty of the alps and addressing current topics such as recentering, self-reflection and conservation.