Silver 2020 / Events / Other

The Santa Rosalia'S Festino

  • Photographer
    Alessandro Ingoglia
  • Agency / Studio
    Eikon CultureVisual Reflection
  • Prizes
    Silver in Events/Other

The Santa Rosalia’s Festino has been held in Palermo on the night of July 14 for 395 years, it is one of the oldest religious traditions in Sicily. The Festino commemorates the liberation of Palermo from the plague epidemic of 1624 and since then every year a riot of spectacle and music which ends with a magnificent firework display in the amazement of the people of Palermo and tourists recalls this event. Mayor Leoluca Orlando never fails to participate during his mandate, a time for the Palermitans to reunite with his beloved "Santuzza" to ask for other miracles but also to live a party.

Photographer because, always in contact with art, painting and music, today I prefer to express myself through photography so that I can tell what's going on around me, when I travel, or more simply when I walk in the streets of my city with one click, one click. To refine my technique I followed the courses of Palermofoto and the workshops of Patrice Terraz, Sandro Iovine, Antonio Manta and Fausto Podavini and Valerio Bispuri, but above all I read the photos of the great photographers of the past and the present.