Bronze 2020 / Editorial / Photo Essay

Esperar, From Port to Port

  • Photographer
    Gerald Assouline
  • Agency / Studio
    Gerald Assouline
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Editorial/Photo Essay

Esperar...from Lisbon to Istanbul, Tangier, Marseille to Odessa,from Bergen to Szczecin [Esper ’ar] in Portuguese or Spanish: to hope for, to wait for... This work Esperar… is a long, chaotic, sliding on diagonals, passing by European harbours, Lisbon, Tangier, Marseille, Istanbul, Sulina and Odessa, and from Bergen to Szczecin. We are in between, like in suspension, time seems to slow down. Photos express a “waiting for…” feeling. Waiting for…elsewhere, departure, arrival, mystery to elucidate, strangeness. Nothing special really happens.