Bronze 2020 / Editorial / Photo Essay

Haiti, Faith As The Last Refuge

  • Photographer
    Aude Osnowycz
  • Agency / Studio
    hans lucas
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Editorial/Photo Essay

Religions have always occupied a preponderant space in Haitian culture but after the earthquake of January 12, 2010, the phenomenon was further exacerbated. Many evangelical movements from the United States were established and the eternal quarrel between the church and the supporters of the voodoo cult resumed. Religious fanaticism or deep piety? These demonstrations of religious fervor remain, in Haiti, the only refuge of a population in search of meaning. In the absence of a lasting institutional structure, religion is the last pillar of a society in creeping rot

Graduated with a master's degree in geopolitics, Aude Osnowycz worked in various professions before turning to photography. In 2011, she decided to become a photojournalist and spent four years documenting the impacts of the Arab Spring in the Maghreb and the Middle East for various French and foreign magazines. She recently started a long-term project on post soviet countries, a more artistic and more intimate work, questioning both the Slavic soul and her family past. Ouvrir dans Google Traduction Com