Bronze 2020 / Editorial / Photo Essay

The Shining Land

  • Photographer
    Carlos Folgoso Sueiro
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Editorial/Photo Essay

Yakutia has an area five times the size of France but with a population less than one million produces 28% of all world’s rough diamonds. The towns of Mirny or Udachny are examples of what Russians call “Monogorods” (cities dominated by a single company), more than 50% population works for Alrosa. The living conditions there are unique; with 7-9 months of winter temperatures can reach -50°c. This project explores loneliness, isolation, adaptation to extreme cold and ability to overcome adverse conditions while trying to establish life in remote regions.

I’m a documentary photographer based in Florence, Italy. Born 28th October 1982 in Verin, Spain, I studied Photography at Polytechnic University in Barcelona. Actually, I’m studying Sociology at UNED University, and I’m a self-taught student of the Russian language. During the last 8 years I’ve worked as photographer in a photo-news agency in Italy. Actually I’m focusing on long term projects. My work has been published by Der Spiegel, Sunday Times, Vanity Fair, The British Journal of Photography, L’Espresso, D la Repubblica, Paris Match, Sette, L’Internazionale or Sportsweek, among others