Silver 2020 / Book / Nature

Wapusk Ours Polaires Polar Bear

  • Photographer
    Dorota Senechal
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prizes
    Silver in Book/Nature

"Wapusk" means White Bear in the “Cree” language (North American Native Nation). It was in Northern Manitoba, Canada that we went with my husband in winter, for a unique, rare and intimate experience with Polar Bears: every year in February, after a long winter spent in their dens, females emerge with their young, who get to see the light for the very first time. At temperatures as low as -57° Celsius, the photographs conditions were just as challenging for the photographer as well for the equipment. Book in English and French language

Polish-American, living now in France, multi-awarded in different international photography contests. Professionnal wildlife photographer and great traveler, I am travelling all over the world with my husband, trying to capture the wonders and the beauties, but also the fragility of our Planet. In nature, and specially in arctic and cold places, this is where I like to be, and this is where I can express my creativity. Each reportage is always beginning by a careful preparation and study of the species to photograph, their behaviors and places to explore. This is when the dream begins ...