Silver 2020 / Book / Fine Art

Agulhas (Needles)

  • Photographer
    Patricia Borges
  • Agency / Studio
    PB Arte Contemporanea
  • Prizes
    Silver in Book/Fine Art

Agulhas series is composed by 80 b&w photographs produced in 35mm negatives. It comprises a preliminary research of objects that are appreciated, often related to positive feelings and affective memories that I associate to the beautiful, tasty, fragrant, and to comfort. Starting point is: “I like that…”. Followed by a physical intervention that fights this emotional value, raising doubts over the initial premisse of object esteem. Discomfort arises from the interaction with other decontextualised albeit equally banal object, that seems to have a life in its own - odd relationships.

PATRICIA BORGES: Brazilian photographer and multimedia artist, graduated in architecture, photography, cinematography and screenplay. Awarded at Florence and Rome biennials. Her work has been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions around the world and it is part of major private collections. From 2018, she began using photographs as a material for composing installations and three-dimensional art objects.