Silver 2020 / Book / Fine Art

Liquid World - Memoirs of A Goldfish

  • Photographer
    Patricia Borges
  • Agency / Studio
    PB Arte Contemporanea
  • Prizes
    Silver in Book/Fine Art

Liquid World photographic series was produced using the technique of multiple exposure of negatives. The essay questions our daily routine in big cities. It explores the impact on our lives of intensive exposure to technology, artificial lights, pollution, information, speed pressure, high population density and impersonal environments. Hence comes the metaphor with the fish in the water, moving around at its own pace, diverting from others, regardless of memory, memoirs or truths. Images witness the moving city. The tale on the book is told by one of these urban fishes.

PATRICIA BORGES: Brazilian photographer and multimedia artist, graduated in architecture, photography, cinematography and screenplay. Awarded at Florence and Rome biennials. Her work has been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions around the world and it is part of major private collections. From 2018, she began using photographs as a material for composing installations and three-dimensional art objects.