Bronze 2020 / Book / Fine Art

Invention Patents Photography Art

  • Photographer
    Chang, Chin-Chia
  • Agency / Studio
    Agapicture Photography Studio
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Book/Fine Art

The application of achromatic image creation on the aluminum plates, which Mr. Chin-Chia Chang invented and holds the patent to, is ingenious and innovative. He observes and explores the world through these works with constant attempts and creative attitude. The audience is encouraged to re-think photography as a presentation of art. Instead of just being a material or a carrier, the seemingly cold aluminum plate has become a new form of print image thanks to his creativity. In a broader sense, it has turned into an interdisciplinary combination of art, crossing the boundary of media.

Creation makes my life more interesting ! I am art photographer in the Taiwan, I love immersing myself in the natural world, admiring Gods creation, and capturing images that portray the magical moments I get to experience while there.