Silver 2020 / Book / Fine Art

Koen Lauwaert Shot In Time

  • Photographer
    Koen Lauwaert
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prizes
    Silver in Book/Fine Art

Shot in time is the first anthological book by the Belgian photographer Koen Lauwaert, who displays his talent for developing an original and poetic language that alternates the different registers of contemporary photography, from portraiture to abstraction through reportage. Partly academically trained, studying at the Brussels Filmschool and the Photo Academy Rhok, Koen Lauwert devised his own language in the field, working as a film operator during his military service and for an agency specialising in portraits of children and families as well as a cover author for rock band albums.

Whatever the subject, the format, the color may be, the emotion that is implied is always expressed vigorously; either with a sense of humor, seriousness, or with lots of tenderness. Koen is a photographer who takes his risks in his permanent and multiform research. Unlike other photographers, he is not a prisoner of a style; his goal is to express the sincerity of the moment in its widest variety. Koen’s freedom also lies in a real physical need to be in motion, on a journey. In this way, systematically taking pictures beyond the borders allows him to focus, to find himself...