Gold 2020 / Book / Documentary


  • Photographer
    Lord K2
  • Prizes
    Gold in Book/Documentary, Bronze in Book/People

Staying up late, watching Sumo wrestling on British television, the mystique of the bouts began to fascinate me. It was only a matter of time until I headed off to Japan to discover more. In chronicling the lifestyle of wrestlers I entered an entity in which history, culture, pride & athleticism combine. I witnessed the strict codes which wrestlers adhere to, and also, the many unique practices which makes Sumo as fascinating as it is. Sumo is a living, breathing showcase of ancient Japan. As Japan has surged forwards into modernity this corner of culture has remained anchored to the past.

Lord K2 is a visual artist from London based in Barcelona. In 2011 he seized trading stocks and ventured into the art world. After an initial stint exploring stencil graffiti in South America, Lord K2 shifted his focus to photography in order to pursue ethnographic visual story telling. His first project was to document the graffiti subculture in Santiago de Chile followed by the street art scene in Tokyo. Both projects were released in book form by Schiffer Publishing. He subsequently spent 5 years living in Asia in order to chronicle the Muay Thai and Sumo cultures.